Joseph Gallo Farms Honored with National Sustainability Award

On May 14th, 2014 the 3rd Annual U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards were presented at a special ceremony in Washington, D.C. with Joseph Gallo Farms, maker of Joseph Farms® Cheese, receiving an award for Outstanding Dairy Processing and Manufacturing Sustainability.

Out of more than 40 nominees Joseph Gallo Farms/Joseph Farms Cheese was selected based on results measured by economic, environmental, and community impact, known as triple-bottom-line success. The independent panel of judges included experts from academic institutions, government, dairy science organizations, nongovernmental organizations and media, as well as environmental and dairy industry leaders.

Outstanding Dairy Farm Sustainability - Conserving 2.9 Billion Gallons of Water


The award cited our use of energy-efficient equipment and cutting-edge technology in our Joseph Farms Cheese Plant and innovative processes to conserve energy. Furthermore, water conservation measures reuse up to 2.9 billion gallons of water each year. Joseph Gallo Farms also takes in up to 10 million gallons of storm water and wastewater each day from local communities to reuse for irrigation. They also assessed the potential for adoption by others, demonstrated learning, innovation, improvement and scalability to further the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the dairy industry

"The company's 'green' farming and processing techniques are not only good for people and the environment, but also are good business. It's the way we do things," said Michael Gallo, second generation farmer and CEO at Joseph Gallo Farms.


Joseph Gallo Farms is now one of the largest employers in its county, creating green-collar jobs and demonstrating that sustainability helps businesses and communities succeed.

The U.S. Dairy Sustainability Commitment and the Sustainability Awards program are supported by such sponsors as the Center for Advanced Energy Studies, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, World Wildlife Fund and Dolphin WaterCare. For a full list of sponsors and more information about the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy visit http://www.usdairy.com.

"Sustainable agriculture means we must replenish rather than exhaust our natural resources," said Michael Gallo. "It's basic to how we do business."


US DAIRY SUSTAINABILITY AWARD - Mike Gallo's Acceptance Speech