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Joseph Gallo Farms Wins National Sustainability Award

Recognized for Outstanding Dairy Processing & Manufacturing Sustainability

On May 14th, 2014 the 3rd Annual U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards were presented at a special ceremony in Washington, D.C. with Joseph Gallo Farms, maker of Joseph Farms® Cheese, receiving an award for Outstanding Dairy Processing and Manufacturing Sustainability. The award cited the farms’ use of energy-efficient equipment and cutting-edge technology in its cheese plant. Out of more than 40 nominees there were 5 winners and only 1 in this category.

Sustainability is a time-honored practice at Joseph Gallo Farms/Joseph Farms Cheese. Their innovative processes conserve energy and at least 2.9 billion gallons of water each year. In addition as much as 10 million gallons of storm water and wastewater are accepted each day from local communities to use for irrigation. Joseph Gallo Farms is now one of the largest employers in its county, creating green-collar jobs and demonstrating that sustainability helps businesses and communities succeed. Read More...












Joseph Gallo Farms Receives California’s Highest Environmental Honor

SACRAMENTO – Joseph Gallo Farms, maker of Joseph Farms Cheese, was awarded the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award for its sustainable farming and cheese making.

Joseph Gallo Farms, located in Atwater, received the award in the Sustainable Practices or Facilities category in a ceremony held Jan. 22 in Sacramento.

The award, known as the GEELA, is California’s highest and most prestigious environmental honor. It recognizes individuals, organizations and businesses for their exceptional leadership in voluntary achievements that help conserve California’s resources, protect and enhance the environment and build public-private partnerships. Read More...

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2007 IDFA Innovative Dairy Farmer of the Year:
Joseph Gallo Farms, Atwater, Calif.

Mike Reidy, IDFA; Mike & Lori Gallo; Jim Dickrell, Dairy Today
Contact: Marti Pupillo

(Orlando, Fla. – January 16, 2007) Joseph Gallo Farms of Atwater, Calif., was named IDFA's 2007 Innovative Dairy Farmer of the Year during a ceremony yesterday at the 2007 Dairy Forum. Michael Gallo, CEO of Joseph Gallo Farms, received the award from International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) Chairman Mike Reidy, who is senior vice president of procurement, logistics and business development at Leprino Foods.

Now in its ninth year, this award recognizes U.S. dairy producers that apply creativity, excellence and forward thinking to achieve greater on-farm productivity and improved milk marketing. The award is co-sponsored by IDFA and Dairy Today magazine.

According to the judges, Joseph Gallo Farms' ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility, coupled with innovative operations and effective public outreach, helped the company to garner the award this year.

Joseph Gallo Farms is comprised of five dairies near Atwater, California – all within 10 miles of each other. Together they manage 15,000 cows. Joseph Gallo Farms also runs a large cheese plant, providing a ready market for the 300 million pounds of milk that the dairies produce each year. The company is one of the nation's largest dairy farm operations, with more than 450 employees.

Covering nearly 15,000 acres, Joseph Gallo Farms is located next to the largest concentration of wetlands left in California, the San Joaquin Valley Grasslands. These wetlands are home to a wide variety of migrating wildlife, including geese, ducks, cranes, egret, hawks and bald eagles.

Accepting the award, Gallo praised comments made during the Dairy Forum calling for government incentives to help dairy farmers adopt sustainable production practices. Gallo noted that most dairy farmers would not be able to make these improvements without incentives.

"Guided by Mike Gallo and his love of local wildlife, Joseph Gallo Farms has worked hard to integrate the farm's operations with the landscape," Reidy explained. "The farm has converted thousands of acres back to their natural habitat."

Starting in the early 1990's, Joseph Gallo Farms sold several thousand acres to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. This land became part of the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge Complex. The company partnered with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service again in 1995, placing more than 2,000 acres into an agricultural conservation easement program. It was the first California farm to do so.

Ten years ago, Gallo created a Department of Environmental Affairs at Joseph Gallo Farms, formally making conservation management a key business function. By taking a proactive approach, Gallo has helped Joseph Gallo Farms to avoid regulatory problems, improve the public's perception of California dairies and enhance brand recognition of the company's premier product, Joseph Farms cheese.

The farm's environmental commitment extends beyond the local wildlife. In 2004, the farm adopted a comprehensive nutrient management plan for all five dairies. It also added a methane digester at one dairy to convert manure into electricity.

The goals for the digester were two-fold: to improve air quality and to generate biogas from manure in order to power the company's own cheese plant. In fact, Joseph Gallo Farms was one of the first California dairies to build a viable digester. The $2 million project receives one million gallons of manure flushwater each day from the 5,000 cows at Cottonwood Dairy. The biogas generated by the digester now meets nearly 50% of the cheese plant's electrical needs. It saves $500,000 in annual electrical costs and another $250,000 in propane.

The digester has worked so well that Joseph Gallo Farms plans to add another, hopefully later this year, in partnership with Microgy, a company that develops and operates renewable gas facilities. This digester – working with five others scheduled to be added in the valley – will provide electricity to thousands of homes through an agreement with Pacific Gas & Electric Company, California's main energy utility.

"Mike knows the value of public outreach, especially in a state that has pushed the benefits of green technology far longer than most," Reidy said. Speaking to agricultural groups, civic organizations and the media, Gallo emphasizes how the company's goals – producing quality products and ensuring environmental responsibility – complement each other.

"Mike's commitment over the years to this core business philosophy has positioned Joseph Gallo Farms for continued success," Reidy said. "We expect the company will continue to produce top-quality products, provide renewable sources of energy, and preserve and protect the area's wildlife for generations to come."

Joseph Gallo Farms was nominated by Randy Riviere of Riviere & Associates. The judges for this year's award were Ken Bailey of Pennsylvania State University; Joe Outlaw of Texas A&M University; Jim Dickrell, Dairy Today editor; Bob Yonkers, IDFA chief economist; and two previous winners of this award: Heidi Kuhn of KF Dairy and Don Bennink of North Florida Holsteins.

Previous winners of the Innovative Dairy Farmer title include Mason Dixon Farms, Gettysburg, Pa. (1999); Clauss Dairy Farms, Hilmar, Calif. (2000); Baldwin Dairy/Emerald Dairy, in Emerald, Wis. (2001); Si-Ellen Farms in Jerome, Idaho (2002); Pagel's Ponderosa Dairy of Kewaunee, Wis. (2003); C Bar M Dairy, Jerome, Idaho (2004); North Florida Holsteins, Bell, Fla. (2005) and KF Dairy, El Centro, Calif. (2006). A call for nominations for the 2008 Innovative Dairy Farmer award will be released this summer.
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The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), Washington, D.C., represents the nation's dairy manufacturing and marketing industries and their suppliers, with a membership of 530 companies representing a $90-billion a year industry. IDFA is composed of three constituent organizations: the Milk Industry Foundation (MIF), the National Cheese Institute (NCI) and the International Ice Cream Association (IICA). IDFA's 220 dairy processing members run more than 600 plant operations, and range from large multi-national organizations to single-plant companies. Together they represent more than 85% of the milk, cultured products, cheese and frozen desserts produced and marketed in the United States. IDFA can be found online at

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Carbon Neutral Event powered by PG&E, with help from Microgy, Inc. and Joseph Gallo Farms’ Biogas

SACRAMENTO – Pacific Gas and Electric Company has teamed up with Joseph Gallo Farms and Microgy, Inc. to provide clean, renewable manure digester biogas to power the Governor’s "Leading the Green Dream” Inaugural Celebration on the south steps of the State Capitol from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. today. PG&E will also be using biodiesel made from soybean oil, solar energy and purchasing carbon credits to make the event’s power use carbon neutral.

"We are excited to be a participant in today’s ‘Green Dream’ celebration in partnership with Joseph Gallo Farms and Microgy, Inc., and we applaud Governor Schwarzenegger’s leadership in environmental protection and his commitment to clean technology innovation,” said Tom King, CEO of PG&E. "The use of biogas, biodiesel and solar energy here today is more than symbolic: it is a real-life demonstration of available renewable energy sources that can aid in addressing climate change challenges.”

The greenhouse gasses typically emitted from the conventional resources normally used to power events like this have been cut in half by using these renewable energy sources. PG&E is also purchasing carbon dioxide reductions from the Van Eck Forest in Humboldt County, which is the first forest certified by California's stringent forest sequestration protocols, to make all the energy used to power this event carbon neutral.

The biogas for a 60-kilowatt generator that will help power the celebration was created from cow manure at Joseph Gallo Farms in Atwater, California. The biogas process uses natural microbial action to convert the nutrients in the manure into a renewable energy source. Using the gas to create electricity also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

"My family and I have had a strong commitment to the California environment for generations now. I am pleased that our Governor shares this emphasis with us, and am happy to work with him to help keep our state great,” said Mike Gallo, CEO of Joseph Gallo Farms.

"California’s dairy industry represents a valuable, renewable energy source that offers our state a wide variety of economic and environmental benefits,” added Jeff Dasovich, senior vice president of Microgy, Inc. "Our company is aggressively partnering with innovative dairy producers like Mike Gallo, recent recipient of the International Dairy Foods Association's Innovative Farmer of the Year Award, and leading utilities like PG&E to develop our state-of-the art digester systems and bring the benefits of cow power to California.”

PG&E first contacted Gallo just before Christmas about obtaining biogas to power the inauguration.

"PG&E was referred to us by Microgy, Inc., our partner in additional digester projects, because we have a successful manure digester generation system that has been operating for over two years,” said Carl Morris, Gallo’s General Manager.

In December, one of Gallo’s biogas generators was disconnected and PG&E gas compression equipment was connected to collect the gas and store it in a compressed gas tube trailer, which is being used to fuel the 60-kilowatt biogas generator providing electricity for today’s event. PG&E is also using 60-kilowatt biodiesel-fueled generator, which uses commercially available biodiesel that is a mixture of regular diesel and biodiesel made from soybean oil. In addition, PG&E worked with Akeena Solar to provide a 3-kilowatt solar installation, which can generate enough electricity to power a typical California home.

In addition to connecting biogas-fueled generation to its electric grid, PG&E is partnering with Joseph Gallo Farms, Microgy, Inc. and other digester companies on a program that will result in gas produced from dairy manure being processed and delivered into PG&E’s gas transmission pipelines for delivery to power generators as a renewable energy resource.

PG&E, a strong supporter of California’s landmark climate change protection legislation (AB 32) and the Governor’s Solar Initiative (SB 1), has a long history of developing, generating, and purchasing renewable power and delivers some of the cleanest energy of any large utility in the nation. On average, more than half of the electricity PG&E delivers to customers comes from sources that emit no CO2 and 13 percent comes from renewable sources of electricity, including solar, wind, biogas, and hydroelectric.

Joseph Gallo Farms is a family-owned, fully-integrated farming, dairy and cheese producing enterprise long recognized for its quality "Joseph Farms” brand cheese and its environmental leadership. The company has won many prestigious awards for its wildlife and environmentally compatible farming practices. It is also a leader in producing renewable energy, and now generates much of its own electricity by processing cow manure and other wastes through a sophisticated methane digester system.

Microgy, Inc., a subsidiary of Environmental Power Corporation (Amex: EPG), is a developer, owner

and operator of renewable energy production facilities. The company holds an exclusive license in North America for the development and deployment of a proprietary anaerobic digestion technology for the extraction of methane gas from animal and other wastes for its use to generate energy.

For more information about PG&E, visit their website at

For more information about Joseph Gallo Farms, visit our website at

For more information about Microgy, Inc., visit their web site at

For more information on Akeena Solar, visit their website at

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For immediate release
October 21, 2004
Contact: Carl Morris, COO (209) 394-7984


With the dedication today of its recently completed manure digestion and power generation system, Joseph Gallo Farms has taken another important step in assuring that its operations are compatible with the needs of the environment.

The waste digestion system, located at Gallo’s Cottonwood Dairy facility, is anticipated to generate up to 2,500,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year while improving water quality and reducing greenhouse gas and other air emissions.

“We look forward to many years of improved operations with this system” says Carl Morris, Chief Operating Officer, “and we have already begun analyzing opportunities for additional manure digesters at our other dairies”.

At the heart of the system, designed by Williams Engineering Associates, is a seven-acre covered lagoon digester. Flushed manure is pumped to this lagoon, where natural microbial action converts the nutrients in the manure into methane. This biogas is transported to the company’s cheese plant, where it fuels a 300-kilowatt generator. The heat from the generator engine and exhaust is captured and used to produce steam, which saves about 145,000 gallons of propane per year.

"Our goal is to also introduce wastewater from the cheese plant to produce twice as much power and steam while continuing to improve the environment," Morris said.

The project was funded in part by California state grants for alternative energy programs administered by Western United Resource Development and Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

Congressman Dennis Cardoza, who is the keynote speaker at today’s dedication, is a strong advocate of integrating business and environmental needs like those practiced by Joseph Gallo Farms. “We need a strong economy and a healthy environment,” Cardoza says, “and Joseph Gallo Farms is showing all of us that it is truly possible to have both. I applaud their efforts and hope to see others follow their leadership in this regard.”

Joseph Gallo Farms has had a long-standing commitment regarding the integration of its farming operations with the environment in Merced County. The Gallo family sold several thousand acres to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service which is now part of the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge. They also worked with this same agency to develop a unique agricultural conservation easement on over 2,100 acres of its lands. In 1998 the company developed its own Department of Environmental Affairs to help ensure its operations were both compliant with regulatory requirements and compatible with the needs of the local environment. Furthermore, Joseph Gallo Farms has worked with several agencies and Ducks Unlimited to restore over 500 acres of wetland and riparian habitats on its lands.

Joseph Gallo Farms has been well recognized for its environmental commitment including its recent selection as the 2004 Runner-Up for the prestigious U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Wetlands Conservation Award, and as the winner of the 2001 EPA Environmental Award, and the 1996 Central Valley Habitat Joint Venture Award.

“My family and I grew up trying to improve our lands and dairy operations here in Merced County,” says Mike Gallo, Chief Executive Officer. “We also grew up enjoying the very nature of this land and its wildlife. We want to do all we can to make sure we keep our business moving forward while we protect and improve the environment around our ranches. The two can coexist; and as our new manure digester suggests, we are working hard every day to try and prove that”.

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For Immediate Release
April 19, 2005
Contact: Joe Paris (209)394-7984

Gallo Receives New Accolade

ATWATER, California -- On March 17, 2005, Joseph Gallo Farms received the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) Achieving Excellence 2005 Marketing Award for the best ethnic marketing piece category. The award was presented at the IDFA's Smart-Marketing Conference at the Westin-Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia. This award will also be featured in a special supplement of the Dairy Field Magazine.

In 2004 Joseph Farms had a 30 second television ad produced that ran in the Southern California market. Our marketing approach was to sell the high quality of cheese that Joseph Farms manufactures, along with the fact that Joseph Farms products are free of all artificial hormones. We specifically targeted Hispanic mothers with children, with the thought that mothers normally perform the grocery shopping duties in the majority of households. The ad ran on Hispanic television stations, in areas where Joseph Farms has a large volume of sales, and where there is a large Hispanic population.

The 30 second television spot was created and produced by the well known advertising and promotions agency, Columbus Communications, located in North Hollywood, California. Joseph Gallo Farms is proud to add this latest achievement to their long list of accomplishments.

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Joseph Farms Cheese to be Served to Olympians in China

Recently a large Chinese dairy purchased cheese from Joseph Gallo Farms, makers of Joseph Farms cheese, which will be served at the Beijing Olympics. The cheese will be used for meals provided to the athletes in the Olympic Village, as well as in the restaurants where visitors, spectators, and others purchase food during their visits.

China was introduced to Joseph Farms Cheese at a recent food show in Shanghai. The cheese was featured in the California Milk Advisory Board booth at the show.

Joseph Gallo Farms is the first (and longest standing) cheese producer nationwide to be granted government approval to label its products with “No Artificial Hormones”. Cows producing milk for Joseph Farms cheeses are never treated with the controversial rBST/rBGH hormone or any other artificial hormones.

Joseph Gallo Farms is a family-owned, fully-integrated farming, dairy and cheese producing enterprise long recognized for its quality products and its environmental leadership. The company has won many prestigious awards for its wildlife and environmentally compatible farming practices. Also, it has recently begun generating much of its own electricity by processing cow manure and other wastes through a sophisticated methane digester system.

For more information, please contact:

Joseph Gallo Farms
10561 West Highway 140
P.O. Box 775
Atwater, CA 95301
Tel 209-394-7984
Fax 209-394-4988

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Joseph Gallo Farms
News Release
April 22, 2008

Joseph Gallo Farms to be on NBC’s Today Show April 25, 2008

As part of their “Green is Universal” programming this week in honor of Earth Day, NBC will be airing a segment featuring Joseph Gallo Farms on the TODAY show this Friday, April 25, 2008.

“They will be featuring our manure digester and electrical generation system,” said Carl Morris, General Manager. “They called a few weeks ago, and said that this system, with its many environmental benefits, would fit in well with their ‘green’ programming theme for this week.”

A team from New York, including Jenna Wolff and producer Meredith Reis, visited the Gallo facility on Highway 140 on April 3 for the filming. “They spent all day here filming and interviewing,” reported Morris. “They were very thorough – covering everything from cows pooping to electricity generation to cheese production. This will be condensed and edited to just a few minutes to air on Friday.”

Michael Gallo, CEO, said, “We are pleased to be recognized once again for our award winning methane digester system and our many other environmental accomplishments. Showing this on the TODAY show should bring awareness of this technology and its potential for curbing greenhouse gasses and other benefits to many more people.”

For more information, please contact:

Joseph Gallo Farms
10561 West Highway 140
P.O. Box 775
Atwater, CA 95301
Tel 209-394-7984
Fax 209-394-4988

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Joseph Gallo Farms
September 15, 2008

Joseph Farms Honored Amongst Nation’s Finest Cheesemakers

ATWATER, CA. Joseph Gallo Farms, maker of Joseph Farms Cheese, America’s favorite brand of California cheese, has been honored once again as one of the nation’s finest providers of high quality milk and cheese. 

At the Los Angeles County Fair, Joseph Farms stole the show, winning eight Gold Medals -- for Monterey Jack, Marbled Jack, Pepper Jack, Gouda, Mozzarella, Muenster, Sharp Cheddar, and Extra Sharp Aged Cheddar (2+ years) -- plus Silver Medals for both their Mild Cheddar and Provolone and a Bronze Medal for its Medium Cheddar.

Joseph Farms Cheese received further awards from the California State Fair. They were presented with a Gold Medal for their Pepper Jack cheese as well as Bronze Medals for their Monterey Jack and Marbled Jack cheeses.

At the renowned World Dairy Expo Championship held in Madison, Wisconsin, Joseph Farms received international recognition after its Monterey Jack cheese was selected second in its category, out of a record 405 entries for all categories.

Joseph Gallo Farms was founded on the principle that great tasting cheese begins with the highest quality milk. The Merced County Fair annually holds a Grade A milk competition, which includes several surrounding counties. Joseph Gallo Farms proudly took home the highly coveted first place award for an independent milk producer. Tested for purity, overall quality and taste, they were acknowledged as a premier California milk producer. 

Carl Morris, General Manager, said, “Our vertical integration allows us to oversee every aspect of the process: from the feed we grow, to the treatment of our cows, to the cheese we make. It is our goal to surpass industry standards and to give our consumers the healthiest and best tasting cheese possible.”

Mike Gallo, CEO, said, “We here at Joseph Gallo Farms are deeply honored to have received the numerous awards for our cheese over the years. However, the praise that means most to us is from our loyal customers and their families.  As a family business, we always have family in mind when we make our all-natural cheese, your family and ours.” 

Joseph Gallo Farms, a family-owned, fully-integrated farming, dairy and cheese producing enterprise, is the first (and longest standing) cheese producer to be granted government approval to label its products with No Artificial Hormones. It is their guarantee that their cows are never treated with any artificial hormones (including rBST/rBGH). 

For more information, please contact: Joseph Gallo Farms, P.O. Box 775, Atwater, CA 95301
Tel 209-394-7984/Fax 209-394-4988/

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Carrie Cardoza Bordona December 19, 2009
Cardoza & Associates, Inc.


Green Farming Makes Joseph Gallo Farms a ‘Natural’ Award Winner

ATWATER, CA — Mike Gallo can look out his office window and see every ingredient that goes into his Joseph Farms Cheese.
“Our vertical integration allows us to oversee the entire process,” said Gallo, chief executive officer of Joseph Gallo Farms, the maker of Joseph Farms Cheese. “From the feed we grow, to the treatment of our cows, to the cheese we make. It is our goal to continually improve and to give our consumers the healthiest and best-tasting cheese possible.”
Such complete control, unmatched in the industry, results in the highest-quality natural products. Joseph Farms Cheese was the gold medal standard at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, where the world’s best athletes enjoyed the cheese with their meals
It’s this natural and premium product that not only athletes, but also consumers, are demanding. To meet strong sales, family-owned and operated Joseph Gallo Farms recently increased their production capacity by 20 percent and began the production of Gouda and Manchego cheeses.
Artificial hormones are not found in even one ounce of Joseph Farms Cheese. What you will find is a world-class product that has the international awards and honors to prove natural is better.
2009 Cheese Honors
In just the past year, Joseph Gallo Farms, one of Merced County’s leading employers with a staff of 500, brought home the following prestigious awards:

- The only gold medal in its category for Provolone cheese, World Cheese Awards, Canary Islands. Also a bronze medal for their Cheddar cheese.

- Ten gold medals for Monterey Jack, Marble Jack, Pepper Jack, Gouda, Mozzarella, Muenster, Provolone, Mild Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, Vintage Extra Sharp Cheddar (aged 2+ years) and a bronze medal for Medium Cheddar cheese, Los Angeles International Dairy Competition.

- Two silver medals for Mild and Medium Cheddars and a bronze medal for Pepper Jack cheese, California State Fair.

Joseph Farms Cheese is available in nearly every major supermarket chain in the western United States and continues to expand. International sales, with Mexico the leader, also are growing steadily.
Company founder Joseph E. Gallo made sure nothing was wasted at Joseph Gallo Farms. He passed on his dedication to resource management and the creation of renewable energies to his children and grandchildren. Some of the industry-leading processes include water management that conserves and reuses more than 7 million gallons of water daily, composting 60,000 tons of manure into organic fertilizer every year, and the pioneering use of a methane digester, which uses biogas to produce electricity to power their cheese plant.
Sustainable energy generated from their groundbreaking methane digester powered Gov. Schwarzenegger’s inauguration as well as California Ag Day in Sacramento.
“We are actively pursuing a second methane digester system with the goal of further reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and our environmental footprint,” said Gallo.

CIWMB Waste Reduction Award
The latest and future efforts build upon the company’s award-winning recycling efforts. The California Environmental Protection Agency named Joseph Gallo Farms a winner of this year’s prestigious Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP) award. The honor recognized Joseph Gallo Farms for its innovative, environmentally friendly solid waste recycling programs and policies.
Gallo said the company’s “green” farming and processing techniques are not only good for people and the environment, but also are good business.”
“Sustainable agriculture means we must replenish rather than exhaust our natural resources,” said Gallo. “What we’ve created is a business that is both profitable and sustainable.”
To find out more about Joseph Gallo Farms’ sustainable practices and award winning cheese, please visit them at

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State Grant Paves the Way for Second Methane Digester at Local Dairy Farm

Joseph Gallo Farms is one step closer to their vision of total sustainability after receiving state and local support for the construction of their second methane digester. Methane digester systems are not only good for the environment but are also good for business.

The existing system at Joseph Gallo Farms generates biogas which powers as much as 60% of their cheese plant, captures steam to heat boilers in the place of propane, and plays a key role in their organic composting and water conservation efforts.

The addition of a second digester would be a groundbreaking achievement and Joseph Gallo Farms would be among the first cheese plants in the world to be completely powered by renewable energy. Projects like these could also create new local jobs in the construction and maintenance of the facilities.

“The past two years have been very hard on dairy farmers and the industry as a whole, and more of these systems would be great for the industry, local communities, and the environment,” said Mike Gallo, CEO. He went on to say that “the hard work and support of Governor Schwarzenegger, Secretary Kawamura, Merced Irrigation District, Western United Dairymen, Pro Tech GCS, Inc., and countless others have been crucial to making projects like ours possible.”

Joseph Gallo Farms has received numerous honors and awards for their all natural cheese and their environmentally responsible business practices, and was recognized with the 2009 WRAP Award by the California Environmental Protection Agency. For more about Joseph Gallo Farms, please visit them at

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