Our Cows

CowsAt Joseph Gallo Farms we place top priority on the health, safety, and comfort of our cows. We control every aspect of their care.

Their diet consists of all-natural feeds, including alfalfa, oats, wheat, and corn, most of which is grown in our own fields and pastures.

The cows’ living conditions are spacious and humane and our entire herd regularly receives state-of-the-art veterinarian care.

In 1991, with both our customers and our cows in mind, Joseph Farms became the nation’s first (and longest standing) cheese maker to be granted government approval to label its products with our "NO Artificial Hormones” guarantee.

Joseph FarmsNot only are these the key ingredients for producing our award-winning Grade-A milk, but they are also crucial steps to ensure our cows enjoy the longest and most productive lives possible. We believe that all food should be healthy and natural, even the food we feed to our cows.