No Artificial Hormones... No Artificial Anything

Joseph Farms

“People are becoming more aware of what they and their families eat. I have received countless letters from mothers who say they are concerned about artificial hormones in the food their children eat.

Some companies don’t care, others say they care and don’t use milk from cows injected with rBST. But, they do use milk from cows injected with other artificial hormones. We do not use milk from cows treated with any artificial hormones.” – Mike Gallo, CEO

We want consumers to know the truth about our premium line of award-winning cheese.

Joseph Farms is committed to making the highest quality cheese possible. We recognize and embrace America’s growing concern about nutrition and eating healthier. We feel the same way, and any product that bares the Joseph Farms Brand is healthy and all natural. Look for our special guarantee: Our cows are NOT treated with ANY artificial hormones”.

Respected veterinarians have estimated that 95% of all dairies use some type of artificial hormones including, but not limited to, reproduction hormones, milk letdown hormones, growth-promoting hormones, steroid anti-inflationary hormones, or shock reaction hormones. NOT Joseph Farms!

Joseph Farms was the first (and is the longest standing) nationwide cheese producer to be granted governmental approval to label our cheese "NO Artificial Hormones”. We regard this honor and distinction seriously.

Unlike many other dairy operations and cheese manufacturers in North America, Joseph Farms does NOT subject ANY of our cows to injections of artificial hormones, which is of great importance to our health-conscious customers. Furthermore, Joseph Farms has never and never will use milk from cloned cows in its cheese or any of its dairy products.

With our company’s total integration, from managing our own feed-cropping and dairy herd, and through our milking and cheese making, Joseph Farms can offer assurance of every product.
Our commitment to providing great tasting and nutritious cheese has made Joseph Farms the most trusted brand of choice for American families.

That’s our guarantee!

Look for the famous seal of assurance