The Fine Art of Cheese

At Joseph Farms, the passion for crafting premium quality cheese goes back almost a century, when company founder Joseph Gallo helped his grandparents make homemade cheese. His love for the art of cheese making was instilled in his family and our dedicated and passionate cheese makers who carry on those time-honored family traditions to this day.

Joseph FarmsThe origins of Joseph Farms cheese is not in the lab, but in our fields and pastures in the San Joaquin Valley of Northern California, where the natural feeds for our cows are grown, providing them with vital nutrition that helps them produce some of the finest award-winning Grade "A" Milk in the world.

"Our cows are NOT treated with ANY artificial hormones," ensuring that our milk is the purest and most natural milk possible. Our herd includes both Holstein and Jersey cows, which results in a rich creamy flavor that is also high in protein. The milk is first tested for purity and overall quality, as well as butterfat and protein content.

Joseph Farms is therefore able to closely monitor the milk at its source, assuring only the finest Grade "A" Milk becomes Joseph Farms cheese. It is then pasteurized through a process of heating the milk and then rapidly cooling it to remove any harmful bacteria. A starter culture is then added, containing beneficial micro-organisms, which begins the transformation into lactic acid, enabling the coagulation of the curds.

Then vegetarian rennet is added which causes the milk to thicken, after which, the whey is released and salt is added. This causes the cheese to dry and start to develop flavor and texture while preserving it from unwanted bacteria.

Joseph FarmsJoseph FarmsOur cheese is aged to perfection in a carefully controlled environment, which develops the unique flavor of each of our cheese varieties. Our master cheese makers use their intuition and generations of experience to slowly craft each cheese, ensuring the uncompromised quality and unparalleled flavors that have earned Joseph Farms countless awards and a reputation as one of finest cheese makers in the world.


Environmentally Friendly California Cheese