Joseph Farms:
Brand - America's Favorite Natural Cheese

Joseph Farms was founded on the principle that our great tasting cheese begins with only the highest quality Grade "A" Milk. However, most cheese along with many of the other dairy products you buy may not be made with real Grade "A" Milk

The Grade "A" designation is given to only to the highest quality milk that can meet the government's strict guidelines for purity. This certification is required by law for fluid milk you buy in the store, however is not required for manufactured dairy products, such as ice cream, yogurt, or cheese! Many cheeses you eat may contain Grade "B" Milk, Not Joseph Farms! Our cheese has always been made with only the finest award winning Grade "A" Milk and we will continue to do so.

Joseph Gallo Farms, maker of Joseph Farms Cheese, has been honored countless times with Gold medals and awards as one of the nation's finest providers of high quality milkand premium cheese.

"Our cows are NOT treated with ANY artificial hormones," and we became the nation's first cheese maker to receive government certification. To this day we remain the longest standing artificial hormone free cheese brand, a testament to our ongoing commitment to our consumers' health.

Joseph Farms is constantly expanding in North America and Mexico to meet unprecedented demand. Our cheese can be found in most retail chains,from the biggest to the smallest. Demand for our cheese is also growing internationally, including Europe, Asia, Latin America, North Africa, and a number of other developing markets. Joseph Farms was officially selected to be served to the athletes at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing (press release).

Consumers appreciate the consistency and distinct flavor of our cheese, as well as our strict adherence to health and quality standards.

Joseph Farms

We believe that every family deserves healthy and all-natural cheese at a price they can afford. Joseph Farms has become America's favorite brand of California cheese and a trusted brand of choice for health-conscious families all over the world.