Honors and Awards

"We here at Joseph Farms are deeply honored to have received numerous awards for our cheese over the years. However, the praise that means most to us is from our loyal customers and their families. As a family business, we always have family in mind when we make our all-natural cheese; your family and ours.”
– Michael Gallo, CEO


Environmental Honors and Awards


2014 - US Dairy Sustainability Award - Joseph Gallo Farms, maker of Joseph Farms® Cheese, received an award for Outstanding Dairy Processing and Manufacturing Sustainability. The award cited the farms’ use of energy-efficient equipment and cutting-edge technology in its cheese plant. Out of more than 40 nominees there were 5 winners and only 1 in this category.

2012 - Joseph Gallo Farms was a recipient of the 2012 Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA), which is California's highest environmental honor. All nominations undergo an extensive screening, review and evaluation process. The program recognizes individuals, organizations, and businesses that have demonstrated exceptional leadership and made notable, voluntary contributions in conserving California's precious resources, protecting and enhancing our environment, building public-private partnerships and strengthening the State's economy.

2009, 2010, 2011 - WRAP Award - For three years running, the California Environmental Protection Agency named Joseph Gallo Farms a winner the prestigious Waste Reduction Awards Program for improving the environment by reducing waste.

2007 - Joseph Gallo Farms was awarded the Innovative Farmer of the Year award by the International Dairy Foods Association for applying creativity, excellence and forward thinking to achieve greater farm productivity and improved milk marketing.

2004 - In June 2004, Michael D. Gallo was the runner up of the 2004 National Wetlands Conservation Awards, presented by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.  Mr. Gallo was presented with this award for developing a unique agricultural conservation easement affecting 2130 acres, featuring wildlife compatible crops, as well as enhancing riparian habitats.  The restored systems are providing critical habitat for several thousand arctic nesting geese and other local migratory bird species.

2001 - In November 2001, Joseph Gallo Farms received a prestigious environmental award presented by the United States Environmental Protection Agency "in recognition of its outstanding leadership in protecting the environment and public health for this and future generations."

2000 - In November 2000, Joseph Gallo Farms was presented with a Certificate of Recognition in The 2000 Governor's Environmental and Economic Leadership Awards "in recognition of meritorious contributions to environmental protection and resource conservation in the State of California."

1996 - Joseph Gallo Farms was presented with an environmental award by the Central Valley Joint Habitat for providing over 2000 acres of land for a perpetual conservation easement, dedicating 1500 acres to the production of wildlife-friendly crops and restoring 102 acres to wetlands.

Environmentally Friendly California Cheese


Business Honors and Awards

  • In 2011 Mike Gallo received the Chancellor's Medal from UC Merced. This award is the highest honor bestowed by a UC campus. It recognizes individuals or organizations whose contributions have been significant in advancing the goals of the university.
  • Merced County Chamber of Commerce- –Mike Gallo
  • Merced County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce- 2009 Business of the Year – Joseph Gallo Farms
  • In 2007, Joseph Gallo Farms was awarded the Innovative Farmer of the Year award by the International Dairy Foods Association for applying creativity, excellence and forward thinking to achieve greater farm productivity and improved milk marketing.
  • Merced County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce- 2007 Woman of the Year – Lori Gallo, Wife of Mike Gallo
  • California State Assembly- 2005 Certificate of Recognition on receiving the United States Fish and Wildlife Service National Wetlands Conservation Award National Runner-Up. (Michael D. Gallo)
  • International Dairy Foods Association- 2005 "Achieving Excellence” Marketing Award. (Joseph Gallo Farms)
  • Merced County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce-2004 Business of the Year. (Joseph Gallo Farms)
  • California State Assembly- 2004 Certificate of Recognition and congratulations on the grand opening and dedication of the Cottonwood Dairy Methane Digester and Generator. (Joseph Gallo Farms)
  • Three major business awards honored the company in 1999: the Baker, Peterson & Franklin Agri-Business of the Year, the Fresno Bee Central California Excellence in Business for Agriculture, and the Institute for Family Business Award at California State University, Fresno, which named it as one of the top ten Central California family businesses.
  • California State Assembly- 1997 Certificate of Recognition, Outstanding Achievement in Livestock and Dairy. (Joseph Gallo)
  • Merced County Board of Supervisors
    1997 Certificate of Appreciation in Recognition of Outstanding Agriculture Contributions to Merced County, the Agri-Business Committee of the Greater Merced – Merced County Chambers of Commerce. Joseph Gallo Livestock and Dairy)
  • Merced County Agri-Business Community
    1997 - Joseph Gallo Farms was honored by the Merced County Agri-Business community for having developed many of the large herd dairy management practices currently used in the dairy industry today and for pioneering the California cheese market with the first large scale production and sales of Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses.
  • Top Producer Magazine- 1996 Top Producer featured Mike Gallo on its December 1996 cover and labeled him a "Brand Baron" for making branded cheese international. Mike was a featured speaker at their national business conference in Denver in March 1998 on how the company turned a little known generic cheese into a best-selling brand. "Joseph Farms is presently the largest selling California produced retail brand cheese in the United States and has been sold in over 20 states and in Mexico, the South Pacific, Guam, the Caribbean, and Japan."
  • Successful Farming Magazine- 1995 Joseph Gallo Dairy was named by Successful Farming magazine as The Nation's Largest Dairy."It is still believed to be the largest family-owned and operated dairy in the United States.”

Cheese and Milk Awards

Joseph Farms cheese has been awarded more than 70 Medals, Including 45 Gold medals at prestigious state and world-wide competitions!

Over the past three decades, Joseph Farms has earned countless honors for our premium quality milk and cheese. Most recently in 2009, Joseph Farms brought home 17 medals in all, including a Gold Medal for our Provolone cheese and a Bronze Medal for Cheddar at the 2009 World Cheese Awards, Canary Islands.

We were also awarded 10 Gold medals at the International Dairy Competition, Los Angeles
One of the secrets to the success of the Joseph Farms brand is that our cheese is made with our Grade “A” Milk that has been recognized with more than 20 Top Score Awards.

We at Joseph Farms are deeply honored and humbled by this recognition, and it inspires us to continually improve in all that we do.